I eventually switched from basing my PDA needs on the Psion 5mx to using a HP Jornada 545.

I still believe that the Psion is in many ways far more sophisticated. However, the Jornada is far more convenient.

I've created this page to record useful tips about the Jornada - at least the ones I think are useful. In some cases, the tips are quite obscure and it's easy to forget them, so I've recorded them here for my benefit - memory jogger - and for the benefit of those who may care to read the page.

bulletLandscape mode operation

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Landscape Mode Operation

For some applications, for example: spreadsheets, presentations, it would be useful to work in landscape mode.

This can be achieved as follows (please take careful note of instructions in bold):-

  1. Ensure that power on password is disabled
  2. Close all documents - we're going to end up with a warm reboot
  3. Press in and hold the jog wheel. Whilst doing so, click and hold the time field in the title bar. A menu will appear
  4. Choose RUN and a dialog will appear
  5. In the dialog that appears, enter ROTATE R and press ENTER - a dialog will appear confirming landscape mode
  6. Power off the Jornada. Press the reset button on the back. The Jornada will power up again
  7. Press and hold the power button to bring up the screen alignment dialog - do the screen alignment

You will now have successfully switched to landscape mode. The Jornada will stay like that until you choose to switch it back again. To switch back again, follow the same instructions as above - n.b. the command will still be ROTATE R - you might have expected it to be ROTATE L but that is not the case. It doesn't matter whether you use lower or upper case for the command.

It is interesting to note that if you fail to align the screen then nothing appears to work. A little experimentation will soon reveal that all of the click positions etc are still where they would have been had the display still been in portrait mode. I believe that this is why the power on password must be disabled - because you would not be able to enter it to get to the step where you re-align the display.

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