Technical Articles of Interest

Domain Description Date Added Date Updated
Android Projects Android devices and programming projects 15-Nov-2011  
Android Apps Android Applications that I use and would recommend 24-Dec-2012  
Meta Watch Meta Watch information and issues are on a sub site here. 01-Oct-2011  
Kindle Fire HD Description, review and ideas for the Kindle Fire HD 27-Nov-2012  
Chromecast on the move How to Chromecast from a portable wireless media server onto a TV on the move (e.g. in a hotel room) 26-Apr-2014  

Technical Issues

Domain Description Date Added Date Updated
Samsung Note Pro 10.1 tablet Flashing screen, unresponsive and random reboots. 14-Apr-2018  

Technical Issues Resolved

Domain Description Date Added Date Resolved
Cube iWork12 How to perform a factory reset including where to find the ROM image and documents translated from Chinese to English. 23-Mar-2018 23-Mar-2018
Wifi and Internet My computer was no longer able to see other local computers on the same network when using an auto-configured Wifi connection; it could see them with a fixed address wired connection. Pinging a machine on my network brought back a Virgin Media external IP address instead of the machine's own local address. Another symptom was that ipconfig /all showed Connection-specific DNS Suffix . : whereas my wired connection showed blanks. Tracert showed 9 hops before bringing back the incorrect external address.

Resolution: this was being caused by Virgin Media's auto search feature which is new and started recently. After opting out (through this page: the problem was immediately resolved. Incidentally the Wifi connection still shows the same Connection-specific DNS Suffix, so that was probably only part of the problem, however I've left it in this message since it was the search key that led me to finding the solution and so others might find my solution posted here. Tracert now shows 1 hop and brings back the correct address.
11-Oct-2010 11-Oct-2010



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