Flying - with Truman Aviation

I learned to fly with Truman Aviation in Tollerton just outside Nottingham at Nottingham Airport EGBN. I started in June 2001, after Cheryl bought me a trial lesson for my 50th birthday and passed my test for the Private Pilot's Licence on 4-Oct-2002.

Truman Aviation are a friendly organisation and flying club with an informal club atmosphere. At weekends the whole building is buzzing with activity from guests and their children, pilots, students, visitors from other clubs etc. In due course, I shall include some pictures of them all.

My flying exploits since passing my test can be found here.

The remainder of this page and the pictures below were all taken whilst I was learning to fly. 

They were taken at Nottingham Airport, Tollerton to show the aircraft that we train in. We fly Piper PA38 Tomahawk two-seater training aircraft. They are lightweight, not at all powerful, but as a learner one feels very safe in them. However, there is an interesting safety report concerning what happens in a spin in the PA38.

There is a good web site dedicated to the PA38 at and they have a good catalogue of photos at PA38 Website Pictures.


See a slide show of these pictures (bigger)

Download full resolution copies (670Kb each - total 4.39Mb)

   Flying the Piper Warrior - 19-Jan-02

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