Skymet is the latest piece of software that I have purchased to go with my weather station. (See Weather page for details of the weather station and its latest results and graphs).

I had hoped that this might help me automatically upload the data but unfortunately that is not the case. 

So far I am a little disappointed in Skymet.

It does have some very useful features though. For example, take the following images from it...

The image above shows the weather chart from my nearest official weather station (Newark and Sherwood) on the left hand pane with the wind rose from the weather station superimposed. The right hand pane shows the data from the weather station. Unfortunately, it is disappointing that it does not show the weather station's current forecast. It will take several readings from the internet and use them to animate the chart so that you can see the changes as they happen.

The image above shows the Infra-Red Satellite image alongside the weather station readings.

The image above shows the Visible Satellite image alongside the weather station data.

The image above on the right hand pane shows the latest captured weather station data against the data from the local Newark and Sherwood weather station as a comparison.

These are some examples of graphs produced by Skymet - above are standard graphs and below are 3D renderings of the same graphs.

Personally I prefer the graphs from the Skyview software as they appear to be more configurable and easier to read. However, these graphs from Skymet do contrast the data from the remote weather station (Newark and Sherwood) against that from my own.

So far I have not been able to get this Skymet software to talk to my data logger - it seems unable to do so - the authors suggest that this may possibly be because my data logger is a couple of years old now and I'd need to buy a new data logger. I see no benefit in doing that since I can continue to use the previous Skyview software that came with the weather station and which I have purchased upgrades for and hence it is still up to date and working just fine.

If anyone wishes to ask me anything about this set up, or wishes to compare experiences with weather stations, or wishes to suggest perhaps better ways of using the equipment and updating this site with the results then please email me.

Further details on Skymet can be found here.

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