Flying the Tiger Moth

On Simon Smith's last day as CFI at Truman Aviation he took Claire and I for a short flight each in the Tiger Moth.

I was quite surprised at how stable the aircraft was - I had expected it to be somewhat twitchy. It can be quite daunting flying off in something that looks like it's made up of bits of string and half a box of Meccano.

It's also really crazy once Simon had taken back control trying to get some shots out of the cockpit. Everything is fine whilst facing forwards (where you can't take any pictures) but when looking out of the side then you're buffeted by a truly icy blast of slip stream. So, most of the photos are somewhat unusual to say the least.

In the picture above you see a mirror fixed to a strut that you, sitting in the front seat as co-pilot, have to use in order to see the pilot behind you and recognise his instructions.

In this blow up of the mirror you can just see Simon sitting behind me.

You can find the full set of pictures as a slide show here.

The video above is Simon and Claire taxiing ready for take off.

The video above is the Tiger Moth taking off.

If you'd like to download a full resolution image of any of these pictures, or order prints of them, then you can find the original files (7.2 megapixel shots) on this Yahoo Album.

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