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Often when it's my turn to fly our plane I'm stuck with thinking of somewhere to go - you never know what you're going to find at the other end, and if you're taking friends and family with you then you need to know that there's going to be something of interest for them when you get there otherwise their interest in coming with you will wane.

I'm going to start this BLOG from Sat 10-Jun-06 and initially will only include sites that I visit that I would recommend - I guess if I end up going to some awful shack somewhere in the middle of nowhere then I'll write about that too, but I don't wish to be negative.

I'll merge this with my slide shows. I.e. where I've got enough pictures to make a slide show then I'll add one to my flying slide shows list and link to it, otherwise I'll include odd pictures in the BLOG itself.


Name ICAO Date Pictures UKGA Page Friendly? Food? Web?
Breighton 10-Jun-06 Y Y Y Cafe Y

Breighton is a friendly site with a long grass strip (893m). Need to be careful on approach as there is an old tarmac strip attached to it and it's easy to think that's the runway. No landing fee, although donations are invited. Nice cafe. Also the air enthusiasts there have a small museum with some very interesting aircraft and other things well worth going there to see.

Duxford EGSU 14-Jun-06 Y Y Y Good Y

Duxford, near Cambridge, is the home of the Imperial Warbirds Museum. It's easy to fly into. The museum is very well maintained with some of it being outside and accessible without a ticket and the best bits being ticket-only inside. Several restaurants with selection being pretty good.

Sandtoft 03-Jan-09 Y Good

Sandtoft is a small and friendly airfield with just one runway that now lies partially beneath the new Doncaster airspace. It is a lovely little club house with excellent food at very reasonable prices. It has a nice conservatory on the side of the club house and a decking area where they run BBQs in good weather. The landing fee is waived if fuel is purchased and fuel prices are reasonable too.

Sywell Y Good

Sywell is a large site with grass runways near Northampton. It has two good restaurants plus bar food. There is a hotel attached too. It could be useful to note that they have a credit card operated fuel pump so if you were stuck for fuel then you could fill up there after hours if needed. The food is excellent. It's attractive enough that I've seen wedding receptions being held there.

Turweston Y Good

Turweston is quite close to the Silverstone race track. It has one E-W runway but seems to have a limited number of landing and take-off slots per day; presumably to do with noise abatement. I went there to pick up some friends to take them on a trip and the tower carefully noted that this would mean I would require two take-off/landing slots - they were not complaining or objecting in any way - just clarifying. Turweston has a wooden hut next to the tower where a delightful lady plies her guests with excellent home made food, cakes, sandwiches etc. However, unfortunately, I believe she is retiring and the cafe is her personal venture - i.e. it's not a matter of employing a replacement. It remains to be seen what will happen there.

Leicester Y Good

I used to wonder why Nottingham people went to Leicester because it's too close to make it worthwhile getting the plane out of the hangar. I soon learned however that Leicester lies close to Rutland Water giving some good opportunity for scenic flights and it has an excellent friendly club house with good food, a bar, and an excellent high level view out over the aircraft and the runways. They used to waive landing fees with fuel purchase but I don't think they do that any more these days.



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