Site Maintenance / Status


Rain Gauge: despite reporting that all was working well during the service on 25-Sep-18, almost immediately the rain gauge failed and has now been replaced with the new one coming into service today. Today's rain figures should be ignored as I had to test it and the readings are fictitious. So far (14:33 GMT) there has been no rain today.

UV Sensor: during the weather station annual service it became apparent that the UV sensor is not defunct as thought but merely out of range. Moved it much closer to the base station and fitted new batteries and it now appears to be working. This means that there are currently no outstanding issues.

UV Sensor: despite a complete overhaul, although the unit is communicating with the weather station, it is not sending data other than zeros

01-May-16: Weather Underground: following the release of their new site, none of the feeds to this site are working, hence no weather forecast is currently available.

03-Mar-16: Outdoor temperature and hygrometer: this unit has been functioning intermittently for some time now - it often disconnects from the Weather Station requiring a manually triggered search before it will reconnect. Finally it has reached the point where it will no longer reconnect whatever I do and so today I have replaced it.

19-Apr-14: UV Sensor died and frankly is not worth replacing as value for money is low. Also Weather Underground: following the release of their new site, none of the feeds to this site are working, hence no weather forecast is currently available.

14-Jun-13: OK - No outstanding problems.

14-Jun-13: Webcam: this was borrowed for other purposes in the Spring of 2013 and is still not back in service and so it was decided to withdraw the webcam image feature until such time as the camera is back in service again, hence that feature has been removed from the site menus and the site map.

09-Jun-13: UV Sensor: discovered that this was not working since Oct-2012! Batteries changed and it is working ok now.

17-Apr-13: Hygrometer working ok. Now that the weather has improved, the main weather transmitters have been relocated closer to the base station to ensure better radio contact. A figure of eight concrete block was obtained and a pole fixed into one of the loops using cement. The weather station transmitters for anemometer, weather vane and hygrometer, together with their solar panel were then moved to this new pole.

12-Jan-13: Hygrometer working intermittently - possible battery failure was ruled out after all of the batteries in all of the devices were changed and the hygrometer is still only working intermittently. Resetting the base station improved things noticeable but it is still intermittent. It seems that in winter, probably through lack of sunlight on the solar panel causing the device to rely on its backup battery, the signal is not strong enough. The plan then is to re-site the hygrometer and anemometer nearer to the base station to try and resolve the issue.

26-Nov-12: Hygrometer not working - most likely battery failure with weather too poor to get on the roof and service the unit. So outdoor temperature and humidity readings should be ignored.

20-Sep-11: Anemometer - intermittent (working 25%).

20-Sep-11: Webcam fixed.

16-Aug-11: Webcam failed - All dates thereafter show a stationary image. after repair these images will be erased and those dates in the calendar cleared so as to show no image available for those dates.

27-Feb-11: Anemometer - intermittent (working 75%).

08-Feb-11: Anemometer - signal not being received.

06-Jan-11: OK - No outstanding problems.

23-Dec-10: Anemometer - signal not being received.

Hygrometer - intermittent signal (70% of the time).

This means wind speed and direction should be ignored. and temperature and humidity may be unreliable. If no change is being observed (example min=max) then suspect the figures.

27-Aug-10: OK - No outstanding problems.

23-Aug-10: There is no signal being received from either the anenometer or the hygrometer. Hence any display of wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature and outdoor humidity should be considered to be unreliable.

The most likely cause is a combination of battery failure together with insufficient daylight to generate sufficient solar power.

Once the current torrential rain subsides then I will be able to get the ladders out and get up on the roof to change the batteries.

Today the hygrometer has been working intermittently and the anenometer not at all.

Apologies for any disruption in the service.