Weather Station History and Blog


This page is about the history of the weather station itself rather than the history of the weather.

The history of the weather can be found here.

In the beginning

This station started with a Oregon Scientific WMR928N station. I don't recall exactly when I bought this first weather station but it would have been some time around 2001. There was no suitable software at the time to produce the kind of website that you see here today, so I had to build my own as best as I could. Full details of that weather station, how it was configured etc can be found here.

Eventually as the station aged and parts were difficult and expensive to come by, I gave the station to my brother who, being an electronics expert, was able to repair most parts of it and in particular the parts that he needed. So it is still working well today though not online anywhere.

To replace it I bought the Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station. This came with good software but I liked the full version so much that I bought the upgrade. Eventually I found I could get excellent templates to bolt into my site and what you see today is based on those templates. Details of the current set-up can be found here. This one was acquired around June/July 2008.

The Blog