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This page is intended as an index to slideshows of various flights where I think the photos are interesting either through their content or because the passengers and good friends that accompanied me would wish to see them.

The Tiger Moth Nov-06 It was a sad day on the 19th Nov-06 when Simon Smith left Truman Aviation. However it did have one bright moment when we flew the Tiger Moth over Nottingham.
Duxford Jun-06 Flight into IMC as my brothers Richard and Michael and I flew into Duxford to see what has been happening in the Imperial War Birds Museum.
Breighton Jun-06 Breighton is a very friendly airport with a long grass strip and a lovely museum of privately owned and restored aircraft.
Air Cadets "Thank You" Flight Nov-05 The Air Cadets put in a great effort to assist Truman Aviation during their fly-in sponsored by Today's Pilot and Dave Wallington and I decided to take them flying by way of saying "thank you". In the end, through circumstances, Dave didn't get to go on the flight and I did three flights to take them all up. This will be written up as an article describing the trips, complete with pictures, and supported by a slide show. However, for now this is work-in-progress and what we have is a simple slide show of all of the candidate pictures (I've done some pruning down - there were more pictures - I have them on file) but the next step is to try and decide exactly where some of these shots were taken as it's not all that clear to me.
G-FLAV - Woking  - Sep-05 How big is your world? This photo article describes finally achieving a pipe dream and flying to work to miss the abominable traffic and the difficulties of trying to get a photo of the office from the air.
G-FLAV - Caernarfon - Easter 2005

Flight from Nottingham to Caernarfon. Joint trip with Steve and Sue. Cloud was low on the way out, so we took off across Carsington Water to Crewe and then North West up the estuary out over the coast, then finally down the coast past Llandudno and through the Menai Straights into Caernarfon. On the way back, the cloud had lifted so we circled over Caernarfon to gain height and then returned in a straight line over the top of Mount Snowdon. I was surprised to find that the two routes took approximately the same time - there was only about 10 mins difference - presumably due to the need to climb over the mountains.

G-FLAV - Cranfield - 14-Nov-04 Flight from Nottingham to Cranfield.  Gareth's first flight in a light aircraft.  A beautiful day on the ground but unfortunately quite murky in the air.  Arrived at Cranfield 15:00 intending on a quick cuppa before flying back only to find that their cafe closes early on a Sunday.
G-FLAV - Duxford - 15-Nov-03 Flight from Nottingham to Duxford on a really nice crisp winter's day. There was not time at Duxford to visit the extensive museum; that will need to wait for the spring. However, there was a warbird flypast that presented a photo opportunity to get G_FLAV into the same picture. Also, there were a significant number of external exhibits that could be photographed without needing a museum ticket. A new visitor centre is being opened in Apr-04 and that would likely be a good time to return. For now, the tarmac runway is closed for re-surfacing and we had to use the grass runway.
G-FLAV - First Flight with Cheryl 19-Oct-03 
to Rutland Water
These pictures are not high quality as they were taken with someone else's disposable camera in order to finish off the film. This small album (5 pictures) comprises 4 pictures of myself and Cheryl with G-FLAV and one over Rutland Water. G-FLAV is our first plane - we have a 1/5th share.
"Dambusters Run" From Nottingham the route went north west to Carsington Water, Chatsworth House, Lady Bower Reservoir and Dam, Centre Parks and back to Nottingham again.
Bristol/Filton 19-Jul-03 From Filton we flew a tour across the estuary to Pontypool, Abergavenny, Ross-on-Wye then back over Gloucester then south back to Filton again.

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