Breighton is a very friendly site with a single grass runway that has been extended to 850m. It can be found in Yorkshire N5348.12 W00054.85.

There is no landing fee and their avgas is much cheaper than at Tollerton.

They have a friendly cafe which servers hot snacks and there's a small sun terrace.

They have a very interesting private collection of aeroplanes including a Messerschmitt which has recently been restored and regained its certificate, and a Hurricane and a Spitfire and many other interesting specimens including some antique motorcycles.

My last visit:-

Sat 10-Jun-06

I flew there in the morning on a glorious sunny day with Cheryl and Eloise. 

There are no overhead joins due to aerial displays and that took me a little by surprise on arrival so I had to manoeuvre over the countryside to get down to 700ft downwind right hand for runway 11. It was very hard in that position to see rw 11 - the DI didn't seem to agree that we were downwind of rw 11 and yet things looked just fine until we turned base and realised it was an almost parallel field that we were looking at and not the runways of Breighton - Lesson: if something doesn't stack up then smell a rat unless you can explain it

The runway at Breighton has a tarmac strip alongside it that could be used for landings although Breighton prefer to use the grass. We used the tarmac to get lined up, dropped over the hedge (which is quite high) prepared for a short field landing on the grass to find that the runway was significantly longer than it was last time we visited. We stopped really short - just handy for the pumps - and re-fuelled before parking up on the grass. 

There was plenty of interesting traffic including a lady stunt flyer with parachute flying an Extra, several microlights including one that arrived two up and borrowed a wheel chair for the passenger, some unusual aircraft that I couldn't identify (I'm not too good at identifying other aircraft currently) and a rather impressive 6-seater jet powered helicopter (apparently the owner has 6 helicopters at Breighton!)

Breighton has lots of interesting aircraft that are privately owned and restored including a Messerschmitt, Spitfire, and a Hurricane. The latter two were away for the day at an air display in Wales but there were still enough remaining to make an interesting slide show.

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