Xmas Toy Run 1997


On Saturday 5th December 1997 I took part in the Christmas Toy run. Last year there were purportedly over 1,000 motorcyclists at the event, and this year's event was bigger.

The bikers assembled on the Forest Recreational Ground, the police closed the roads through the town, and then the massive convoy set off at a crawl through the city with streets lined with waving onlookers. Bike horns blared and police biker's sirens whooped as the roaring chain of hot metal, teddy bear pillion riders, and smiling faces wound its way through the centre of Nottingham.Let's hope the police remembered to turn off the "Red Light" cameras as the procession calmly ignored the lights, and the "No Right Turn Except For Buses".

Eventually the bikers arrived at County Hall where there was a large room equiped with a solitary Xmas tree. Within minutes it was impossible to enter the room for the glittering piles of donated presents for the deprived children of the area. Pleasant speeches were made to the accompaniment of mince pies and tea and coffee before the bikers gradually faded away through the streets of Nottingham planning the Easter Egg run.

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