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Current Employment

Currently I am semi-retired. I am enjoying working on development projects with good friends of mine at Jumar Solutions where I am fortunately able to work on an ad-hoc basis (which suits me perfectly) and most of the time I am working on development or maintenance projects as a programmer. It keeps the wolf from the door and grants me the freedom to do most of the things I'm still itching to get done. It's one of life's ironies that I started as a programmer wanting to be the boss, and now I prefer to be a programmer again - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in evidence.

Last Employment

Settlement Systems Senior Product Manager for Intec Telecom Systems PLC. Intec provide inter-carrier billing applications. Update: in 2010 Intec was sold to CSG and now continue operating as a part thereof.

Inter-carrier billing occurs when one telephone company passes a call on to another telephone company for onward routing. For example: if you use a mobile phone to call someone who is on a land line then somewhere along that call the mobile operator must hand the call over to the fixed line operator for completion and the fixed line operator will charge for doing so.

My role as Senior Product Manager was to define the features of the products and hence the contents of the roadmap (i.e. how those features would be grouped into product releases and the order in which those releases would occur). In that aspect, I played a key role in working with customers to understand their ongoing requirements and priorities. I also needed to understand all of the settlement products, how they worked, and how they fitted together. I influenced the technical design of the products since many of the customers had significant IT departments that were very concerned to ensure that the technology behind the applications would deliver the required performance.


An IT CAREER PROFESSIONAL with extensive experience in project management, development methodologies, consultancy, business analysis and strategic technical marketing. Qualified in many platforms and disciplines with well proven ability to devise innovative solutions to difficult problems making use of lateral thinking underpinned by sound business and technical experience.
bulletPassion for new technology in both hardware and software.
bulletConstantly working on the forefront of technology.
bulletExcellent track record in project and risk management from conception though to running an ongoing support organisation.
bulletUnique ability to combine high level technical skills with eloquent communication on business matters.
bulletAble to quickly gain credibility and trust from other members of the team.
bulletRapid assimilation of new techniques ideas and strategies.


bulletB.Sc. (Hons.) Computer Science

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